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How we do what we do for you.

Anatol automatic screen printing machine
Screen Printing

 Screen printing shirts is the most commonly used production method with custom T-shirt printing and apparel decorating. This process pushes ink through a mesh screen one color at a time. Although the method uses spot color(s), blends or halftones, it can be used to create an image that appears to have a countless number of colors. With screen printing the higher the volume, the lower the cost per print becomes. The more items printed*, the more you save. (*same size image & print location).

Direct to garment printer
Digitial Printing

 Digital printing is the process of using a digital printer head to apply ink directly to apparel or fabric. Digital printing is a new advanced technology that affords the ability to print small run orders on both white and colored garments. In a way it's like a home paper printer. The digital printer used for DTG printing is the same thing but for garments! With digital shirt printing the color palette is unlimited, which allows you recreate almost anything from single color art to full color photographs.

Four head embroidery machine


Vinyl Cutting machine and supplies
Custom Vinyl Cut, Printed Transfers
&  Rhinestones

Rhinestones are one of the hottest trends in the garment decoration industry. Rhinestones, rhinestuds or Nailheads are used to create an awesome design. These colorful studs are affixed to the garment permantely with heat.

Vinyl Cut materal is.....



Four head embroidery machine


Embroidery  Coming Soon

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